Here at HaltCreative, we’ve signed up with Mailchimp to distribute our newsletters to both our artists and our customers. My first impression is that it’s an amazing service, with lots of useful features, incredible tracking and statistical information, and it’s very easy to use as well. The thing I find most amazing is that for […]

Hi all you creative people We..well Kevin in particular, has been working extremely hard on the website and has made a great job in my humble opinion…have a look at how it is going at So what do you think? Catherine’s jewellery is looking great, we have tested and retested the ‘shopping’ part of […]

Well I’ve done all I can stay awake for tonight….. Our poor friends at whose e-commerce solution we are using are having a bit of a nightmare time this week, so I’m unable to get hold of their tech support for a few issues that I have remaining. Managed to add Catherine Bonham’s jewellery […]

Doing some work on optimising the site tonight, in particular looking how to best set it up for that great term SEO (Search Engine Optimization for the un-initiated!). It seems to be a bit of a black art, although I’ve picked up a couple of kindle books that look interesting. The two I’ve gone for […]

Well the website is coming together, checkout – It’s built using wordpress and a theme from the amazing guys at woothemes. I’ve been testing the payment gateways to both Google Checkout and to Paypal – Man, do those guys charge high fees per transaction! The gateways seem to be working well, but they’re still […]

Welcome to HaltCreative’s blog! This blog is run by Kevin Morgan & Nicola Dunford, partners in HaltCreative. We specialise in Fine Art, Photography, Audio Design and Handmade Art & Craft. We sell directly through our website at – pop along and check us out! My role in the business is to handle all of the […]