The site is live – waiting for customers now!

So the HaltCreative site finally went live this afternoon.  I am trying to persuade Kev that it means we can have an evening in front of the TV but i’m not convinced he agrees with me!

We still have several pieces of our own work to list and there are a few artists still too shy to send us their work.  Kev has some really great photographic images that he want’s to put on the site and we need to place an order for more photographic paper.

I’ve been texting furiously today with Fiona Doyle about knitting – she’s already got one of her scarf designs for sale on HaltCreative and is working on some wrist warmers today – perfect for this strangely cold and soggy spring weather.

Also been chatting with another painter who plan’s to joins next week – she has sent me some photo’s of her amazing work this afternoon and I can’t wait ’til we can get her up and running. I have known her for a little while  but she has been hiding her ‘light under a bushel’ from me until now.

So that’s it from me today…and as it stands right now it looks like i’ve convinced him to get a takeaway once the kids are in bed, but i’m pretty sure i’m not going to get much chance to watch TV!


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