Hello creative people!

Hi all you creative people

We..well Kevin in particular, has been working extremely hard on the website and has made a great job in my humble opinion…have a look at how it is going at www.haltcreative.co.uk

So what do you think? Catherine’s jewellery is looking great, we have tested and retested the ‘shopping’ part of it and it all seems to be running smoothly…so my fingers are crossed for when we go live!

Previously unheard of by me, ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ has been the main topic of conversation in our house this week – 2 e-books have been purchased on the subject and many late nights have been spent setting things up to make sure that our shiny new website comes as high up the list as possible when people google looking for fantastic arts and crafts…..we have tags for this and slugs for that and all sorts of other things that promise to bring hits and consequently sales.

We have a Facebook page – HaltCreative, and a twitter feed @HaltCreative so follow us in both places and start sharing the site with all your own followers and friends to get the word out that there is a new place to buy amazing things.

So what’s next? Well now we are really ready to go with our full on cyber launch and marketing – but before that can happen what we need from you is beautiful arts and crafts!

Look for our newsletter in your inboxes soon and in the meantime….Be in touch!!


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