Tired.com – but why not follow us elsewhere?

Well I’ve done all I can stay awake for tonight….. Our poor friends at woothemes.com whose e-commerce solution we are using are having a bit of a nightmare time this week, so I’m unable to get hold of their tech support for a few issues that I have remaining. Managed to add Catherine Bonham’s jewellery to the shop – her items are looking great! Managed to debug a few backend issues too….

Nicola is sat beside me manning the twitter feeds! This social media lark is unbelievable – would have been unheard of five years ago….

Anyway, why not follow us in some other ways. You could start by looking at my personal twitter feed @mistuk – all tweets are my own and not necessarily those of @haltcreative…blah blah blah – you’ll find some weather and ATC chat there

and you can find Nicola lurking at @NicolaDunford and also at @MumsMilkMatters – her other passion

Right, off to bed before my daughter wakes up at something unearthly in the morning!



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