Welcome to HaltCreative’s Blog

Welcome to HaltCreative’s blog! This blog is run by Kevin Morgan & Nicola Dunford, partners in HaltCreative. We specialise in Fine Art, Photography, Audio Design and Handmade Art & Craft. We sell directly through our website at http://www.haltcreative.co.uk – pop along and check us out!

My role in the business is to handle all of the website and backend techie bits that keep our website looking so great. I’m also a photographer and musician. You can see some of my work for sale onour website, and if you need any audio work then I’m your man! I use Nikon professional equipment, play guitar (Fender Strat is my favourite!), keyboards and I’m a bit of an expert in all aspects of Apple products.

I live with Nicola (the other partner in HaltCreative) in Amesbury, the home of Stonehenge. I’m a passionate supporter of those with special needs as my daughter has cerebral palsy and is a wheelchair user. I can ‘Makaton’ sign and I’m keen to offer portraiture sessions to families who have children with special needs.

I have been a Parish Councillor and a School Governor and enjoys participating in community events.

Over the years I’ve played in a number of bands, and has even played on stage with Neil Finn from Crowded House.

This blog is going to tell the exciting story of our new business venture…. the ups and the downs…. and I hope share with others some tips and advice.

Thanks for reading!



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