Monthly Archives: April 2012 – but why not follow us elsewhere?

Well I’ve done all I can stay awake for tonight….. Our poor friends at whose e-commerce solution we are using are having a bit of a nightmare time this week, so I’m unable to get hold of their tech support for a few issues that I have remaining. Managed to add Catherine Bonham’s jewellery […]

Site Optimization

Doing some work on optimising the site tonight, in particular looking how to best set it up for that great term SEO (Search Engine Optimization for the un-initiated!). It seems to be a bit of a black art, although I’ve picked up a couple of kindle books that look interesting. The two I’ve gone for […]

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3

Well the website is coming together, checkout – It’s built using wordpress and a theme from the amazing guys at woothemes. I’ve been testing the payment gateways to both Google Checkout and to Paypal – Man, do those guys charge high fees per transaction! The gateways seem to be working well, but they’re still […]

Welcome to HaltCreative’s Blog

Welcome to HaltCreative’s blog! This blog is run by Kevin Morgan & Nicola Dunford, partners in HaltCreative. We specialise in Fine Art, Photography, Audio Design and Handmade Art & Craft. We sell directly through our website at – pop along and check us out! My role in the business is to handle all of the […]